The time to find your groove is


This happens by making you feel more and more comfortable in the mystery,
calm in the darkness, centered in the chaos,
connected to the unified field, and absolutely ready
to follow your destiny.

(Gabrielle Roth, from: Connections)

Dearest dancers,

when, if not NOW, can most of us find THEIR rhythm?

Whether you are alone at home (home office, short-time work or even unemployed …)
or if you are currently more active in the outside world because you are „needed“ in all corners and ends … what does your life dance tell you about yourself? About your talents, abilities and your light, about your shadows and weaknesses, about your fears and feelings, and about your longing and capacity to live a fulfilled life?

Many of you are already taking advantage of my offer to dance alone at home at your own chosen times, at your own rhythm, so to speak.
I gave the waves for this to those who contacted me on Spotify and mixed them on M-xcloud.
In return, many of them gratefully supported me by sending me money or supporting me and the musicians via M-xcloud on a regular basis. Many thanks again for that!

I find myself in a new way in my longing for stillness and spirit, and could go on like this forever… be as much as possible just „for me“, design my garden, be in nature / in ceremony … with Spirit … etc.
Read here how this longing and a felt and heard demand from outside as mother of an active 5-year-old lives in this situation.

And if you want to know how I intend to respond to the call to come, that we dance together online alone at home 😉 look here.

Meanwhile I am VERY much looking forward to the reunion

from the bottom of my heart, Julia

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