Dear Dancing feet,

you all know, of course, that we’re not meeting to dance right now,
but this opens the door for the dance to meet us, pure, just you and the dance,…very intimate.
If you like, I’ll send you a link to a Wave, on which you can dance what wants to be moved.
(Hard times require furious dancing!)
As soon as I am technically advanced, we can also dance together online.
Until then, I will provide a Wave via Spotify every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm on (Berlin time). Possibly soon also via Mixcloud or so (mixed already)… but this is dreams of the future.
Step by step.
The first would be for you to answer to this email,  so that I can put you on the corresponding mailing list.
Everything else afterwards.

I´m giving this from my heart, absolutely free.
Because I know that there are many others besides myself who are existentially threatened right now without being infected. We have other deaths to die.
But no matter who, where, why or how:

from heart to heart

PS: If you want to support me financially to do this, welcome!
I am looking forward to your email reply, too 😉