May, 2020

Dear dancers,

the beguiling smell of life changes every few feet out there
and I feel invited to breathe very deeply, to sniff everywhere and to partly research curiously where this enchanting smell comes from…
and take it all toootaaally personal 😀
Flowing, I breathe in.

And at the same time I look into the mirror, the mirror of nature, of the blissful month,
of the month of the flowers and the bees 😉
in which everything pushes to the outside, staccato, shows itself, smells, flowers, shines in all colours…

And even when I hear it calling (come out, show yourself), give yourself away like the plants…
I feel this „oh noooo“
it’s a Monday morning feeling,
the Monday after 6 or how many (???) weeks of just Sundays…
„just a little bit more…“
And then I look up into the endless expanse of the sky and see this full moon face, which shines at me to all excess and lures me out of my cover with all its attraction.

All right, I surrender, give up, let go,
Jasper can go back to kindergarten from time to time,
then I’ll just go through the chaos and with the change that’s coming.

Today I read for the first time quite consciously: Ban on assembly until August
it leaves me almost speechless
and all this only because the people who „rule“ are following a certain point of view and hide other possibilities…..
Chaos Shadow!?!? Lyrical?!?
(If you follow the numbers, you can see that we have been out of the woods for a long time here, just like in Sweden, but this is not a topic for the newsletter 😉

I invite you
to bathe with me in all this fullness / abundance!
As I heard, some focus on missing the encounters and dancing together on the dance floor, others are missing something else…
How about facing this and dancing exactly THAT,
in the way that we can in the present situation!?

On Thursday the moon is full, it can´t get any fuller.
And I want to see your face on my screen and show you mine!
And I want us to show each other that in all this dancing alone, we are not dancing alone!

Click here for my invitation to the FULL MOON MIRROR Dance @home Zoom Wave on Thursday, May 7th, 2020.

And because I also feel a connection to those who for various reasons
are not interested, I do not want to send an email to this mailing list for every further date.
For those interested, here are the upcoming online dates in May.

For those who need personal contact, I offer one to one sessions.
Just get in touch and we will find a date.

And from all these possibilities of the lyrical
I keep moving with my breath and
the scent of a yellow rose

for the mirrors
for the Rhythms
for the dance
Om Namah Shivaya


PS: MUSIC… Waves on Spotify and mixed on M-xcloud


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